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5 Ways Propman Property Management Software Accelerates Your ROI

ROI is a primary concern for every business in any industry, particularly when investing in new software. After all, you want to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth.

If you’re considering our Propman property management and accounting software, or it’s the first time you’ve come across it, here are all the reasons and features that will accelerate your ROI and make it worth your investment.


The Bottom Line

Although Propman property management and accounting software have many benefits that translate into a positive ROI, the common theme is time. 

We all know how the saying goes — time equals money — so generating efficiencies that save time is at the heart of what Propman achieves.

So you can take a deeper dive into Propman and what it has to offer your business, here are the individual functionalities and why they help you accelerate your company’s ROI.


1. Streamlined Accounting

Accounting is a big part of the property management puzzle. With Propman property management software, you can do everything in one place with its full accounting functionality.

Automated invoicing, customisable reporting, arrears chasing, and more save time and reduce errors. The accounting software also provides a data trail and legal compliance, protecting sensitive information and reputation.

With Propman, you’ll save time and reduce errors, minimising costs and contributing to a healthy ROI figure.


When using Propman, companies experienced a 90% reduction in time to carry out arrears processing and an 83% reduction in time to process direct debits.


2. Automated Processes

Propman property management software aims to automate time-consuming tasks that technology can easily replicate. From rent collection and maintenance requests to bulk communications and workflows, our automated processes can free up your time to be better spent elsewhere.

By removing these time-intensive tasks and increasing efficiency, your staff can redirect their effort towards higher-value tasks such as tenant happiness, property performance and strategic decision-making, which all offer more value in enhancing ROI.

Propman’s automated process also allows greater scalability. As your property management business grows and you become responsible for more properties, Propman grows with you, allowing you to take on more without increasing your administrative overheads.

Essentially, you’re achieving more with less, which will only positively affect your ROI figures.


A company using Propman experienced a 90% turnover increase with only a 20% increase in staff, while another achieved a 50% turnover increase with a 0% increase in staff.


3. Improved Communication

Ineffective communication can be the root cause of many problems for property management. Slow response times can lead to tenant unhappiness. Finding the answer to tenant questions can be difficult. Slow team communication wastes time and money, damaging that all-important ROI.

Luckily, the Propman property management software puts efficient comms front and centre. With features such as bulk generations of communications and automated responses, Propman improves responsiveness and tenant satisfaction.

The software also provides online portals that can be accessed from anywhere, any time, so you and your tenants can get the answers you need or carry out the actions necessary effectively and efficiently.

With streamlined internal and external communications comes greater satisfaction, which means less turnover and costs, resulting in a stronger ROI.


4. In-Depth Reporting

Propman property management and accounting software’s reporting functionality produces flexible, customisable reports that allow you to take a deep dive into your data, trends and insights to make the strategic decisions that matter the most.

Providing a holistic view of your whole portfolio, you can use predefined standard reports or tailored reports, which you can export into shareable formats. You can also schedule report generation, leaving fewer tasks on your to-do list.

The reporting functionality identifies shortfalls and opportunities, monitors core KPIs and boosts ROI. It provides a single source of truth for you to extract the data to aid growth, progression and enhanced ROI.


Companies that use Propman experience a 70% more efficient production of year-end reports.


5. Everything In One Place

Ultimately, Propman helps businesses like yours accelerate ROI by offering everything in one place. From streamlined comms and automations to integrations and in-depth reporting and accounting, it provides a single source of truth that’s compliant and enhances productivity.

Propman gives you all the tools you need to run an efficient, streamlined and effective property management business, allowing you to increase cost savings, enhance ROI and grow.


Want a More Specific ROI Figure From Propman?

Our ROI calculator has all the answers. This on-page calculator generates the potential ROI you could achieve by using or upgrading to Propman. All you need to do is answer a few simple questions and we’ll give you the figures. Let’s get started.