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About us

Grosvenor Systems: the people behind Propman

Founded in 1980, we developed our all-in-one property management and accounting software, Propman, to help overcome the challenges, complexities and inefficiencies of property management and transform the industry through automation.
Our whole team stands behind Propman – so you can always get the answer you need.

Combining property management and accounting in a single software package makes your business efficient and easy to scale. But it also pays to know who you’re dealing with – so when you pick up the phone, you can get the right response.

At Grosvenor Systems, Propman is all we do. Everyone you’ll speak to is completely focused on property management, and knows our system well. From the customer care team to our Directors, we pull together to get you the outcome you need.

When you choose Propman, you don’t just get a great system. You get a great team.

“The team at Grosvenor Systems have become friends as well as business partners. We received first class training and support, and as a result this project has been a resounding success.” – Jan Harris, Accountant, JJ Fox

An experienced, responsive team

Grosvenor Systems has been working closely with property management companies since we launched Propman in 1991 – and many of that team are still here, refining and developing our system to meet our users’ needs. As property management has changed, Propman has evolved with it.

Because the most important thing we’ve learned is to listen.

“Grosvenor Systems offered both the system functionality and hands-on approach that I needed. From the very beginning I felt valued and supported by their team.” – Gary Crawford, Mayfair Property Management

People, not tickets

Questions about your system rarely happen at a convenient time – so it’s painful when your software provider forces you to take an e-ticket and wait in line. We don’t treat our customers that way.

When you call us, you’ll usually come straight through to a human being in the UK. Often, it’ll be someone with direct finance experience, and in most cases  they’ll resolve your issue there and then.

But if your challenge is more complex, that’s when you really feel the benefit of our focus on Propman. Our whole team can  come together to find an answer for you – even our Directors aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves on your behalf . And with a 98% customer support satisfaction rating, that’s as true for our smallest customer as it is for Bizspace or Rendall and Rittner.

“We were looking for a company that would treat us as a valued asset, rather than a small fish in a big pond. That has certainly been the case with the Grosvenor Systems team, and we have been pleased with how our relationship has strengthened over the years.” – Sandie McLellan, Head of Property & Facilities, Provident Financial Group

Longstanding, mutual partnerships

It’s not just our people who have a lot of experience with Propman; most of our customers stay with us for the long term, too.

Over the decades, we’ve built a strong community of Propman users, who are happy to network and share ideas and advice. And our user strategy group plays a key role in determining the system’s direction – because however much experience we might have in the industry, you’re the one who ultimately knows what you really need.

Importantly, we’re here to stay. We have the stability and resources of being part of Volaris Group – a world-leading family of software systems for niche markets – while still running ourselves as an independent company. It means you get tailored service, with the confidence to build for the future.

“Our needs are always evolving so it’s great to feel supported and listened to on such a personal scale.” – Matthew Farr, Propman Operations Developer, Trinity Estates

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