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8 Unexpected Things You Might Not Know About Propman

When searching for property management software, functionality is key. We are here to share with you a couple of things you might not know Propman can do. 

Survey App

The ancillary Propman Survey App supports you in becoming more agile as an organisation. Your surveying team will be able to use the App to carry out maintenance surveys onsite with downloaded up-to-date property information directly from Propman. You can tailor the survey template to each property, rate and record the condition of items, add notes, take photos, create jobs and schedule follow-up actions. Read more about the survey app.

Propman works on a web browser

Our WebUI update means you can access Propman on any of the main web browsers - including smart devices. This new user interface is designed to have a more intuitive user interface, ensuring it is easier to navigate.

RESTful services

Propman integrates with a large range of applications already, such as Salesforce, Dwellant, Fixflo and Xerox Docushare. However, we will readily work with you and your team to develop custom integrations with whichever platforms you wish to use. 

Issue up to 5 levels of arrears letter

Up-scale your arrears chasing process quickly and easily by being able to produce up to 5 levels of arrears letters in line with the age of the arrears.

Store emails in Propman

Gain visibility of inbound and outbound email communications with your clients, tenants and suppliers. All stored directly in the application and linked to the relevant records. You can therefore quickly access key information and improve customer service with this intelligent data storage.

Email documentation direct from Propman

Automatically email correspondence from Propman, such as demands, arrears letters, statements and remittances, which is then stored and linked to the relevant records for future quick reference and retain a date & time stamped history of communications.

Record maintenance works and issue purchase orders

Propman helps streamline what can be one of the more time consuming aspects of property management. Manage every aspect of maintenance works from initial logging, through to issuing purchase orders and to finally linking to the invoice for approval. Additionally, Propman can also help you by suggesting contractors based upon the type of work, location of the property and whether the supplier is approved. It also integrates with the fixed asset register which can notify you about warranty periods and pre-code expenditure analysis.

Collect by Direct Debit

Propman can collect tenant payments by Direct Debit and automatically allocate corresponding receipts to the tenant accounts, thereby ensuring that the correct amount is collected at the right time and streamlining the receipting process.

We hope you’ve learnt a bit more about what property management software like Propman can do for your team!

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