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Survey app

Propman Survey App

Complete surveys or inspections on site, in real-time and automatically synchronise the survey data directly back to Propman.

Key features

See the Propman Survey App in action

1 Download Property Data

Open the Propman Survey App on your mobile device and download up-to-date property information directly from Propman

2 Select Property

Select the property you’d like to survey and the type of survey you’d like to carry out

3 Start Survey

Use the app to complete your survey in real-time. You can tailor the survey template to each property, rate and record the condition of items, add notes, take photos, create jobs and schedule follow-up actions

4 Complete and Sync

When you're done, click publish to upload the survey directly to Propman. This will store all survey details in Propman and create any jobs or follow up actions


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