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Key features for property management

Manage leases, strengthen relationships with tenants/residents, streamline maintenance tasks and stay in control of finances, all in one property management system.

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Manage maintenance works

Streamline and standardise all of your property maintenance tasks from start to finish. Record maintenance works via property, issue purchase orders, store estimated costs and compare to actual expenditure

CRM - inbound and outbound communications

Strengthen relationships with tenants, clients and suppliers via comprehensive communication management. Manage both inbound and outbound storage of emails/documentation, have total visibility of your communications and allow your team to effortlessly manage queries from receipt through to completion

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Critical date reminders

Track and manage critical dates and tasks including lease and compliance issues. Real-time reminders, cross-team allocation and integration with your workflow tasks ensure that important dates and deadlines are never missed

Centralised storage of documents

Save, organise and find important documentation, photos and web-based information with storage in one secure and centralised system

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Automated service charge

Streamline complex service charge calculations with comprehensive reporting and automation. Real-time view of budgets/expenditure, automated reconciliation and scheduled reporting help you stay in full control

Other property management features

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