Propman hosting

Propman hosting is our most inclusive offering designed for users who are looking for offsite server management and on the go remote access to Propman for their team

What is Propman hosting?

Traditionally, users opt to manage Propman in their own on-premise server environment, however as the working landscape changes to encompass much more remote working, it is becoming increasingly common for them to prefer to run Propman in a hosted environment.

Our Propman hosting service provides an alternative to clients who are looking to work on a more cloud-based model whilst maintaining the security and benefits of a private server.

What's Included

On the go access for your team

Users can connect to Propman through any internet connection via a web-based login

All inclusive Propman support

Save on third party IT costs. Our team will apply all upgrades and patches to your Propman system as and when they are released, ensuring you are always on the latest Propman version with access to all new functionality

Secure AWS servers

Your Propman database is hosted securely on a AWS server located in the UK