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Customer Support Escalation Procedure



Customer Support

What can I expect?

Our customers have access to a comprehensive help text within the application. If this does not answer your query, then we encourage you to submit a request via helpdesk or emailing support@grosvenorsystems.com

Your request will be triaged within 4 working hours of receipt.

How do you prioritise requests?

When a request is assessed, we send you an initial email to confirm the ticket number and the details you have provided. Once your query has been triaged by our team the reply will include our ‘priority’ rating. A priority of ‘P3’ is the default for all new tickets. The Team assess whether a ticket should be increased to a priority of ‘P2’ or ‘P1’.

We assess the severity of the issue relative to other active tickets, the degree to which it is business critical, the degree to which it affects all customers, and in the case of development work, whether it is a defect or an enhancement.

What should I do if we require urgent assistance?

We always strive to provide the highest level of service and our Customer Care team are on hand to handle and resolve your support challenges and questions if they occur. On occasion, you may find it necessary to request additional support or attention. We have created this escalation process to support you when you need assistance most.

If you regard your ticket as one of high urgency, for instance the system is unavailable in whole or in some major part, then please

1. Create the ticket using the helpdesk and then
2. Contact the help desk by phone to discuss how we can provide immediate help

What if you do not host our system and we host it ourselves?

If we have an arrangement for remote access that requires you to give us permission to connect to your servers, then you are responsible for making sure we receive a timely response to our request for access.

It is unlikely we can help with technical issues unless we receive this access.

What is the escalation procedure?

If our handling of your submitted request requires attention, you can raise an escalation through the tracked ticket via the Helpdesk or by contacting the Customer Care Manager directly. If reporting via your submitted request, you may comment directly on the ticket or reply to a related email received from the helpdesk. You can escalate to the Customer Care Manager directly at support@grosvenorsystems.com or on +44 20 7089 1410. Once an escalation has been received by the Customer Care Manager, they will liaise with key members of the GSL team and will contact you directly usually within 4 working hours for P1 and P2 and within 8 working hours for P3 rated ticket.


What happens after an escalation is resolved?

We understand that an escalation is often our customer’s last resort and usually, time is of the essence. It is crucially important to all at GSL to avoid as many of these occurrences as possible. Where an escalation is raised, we seek to learn, adapt and improve through a PER (post escalation review). A PER will be conducted internally to establish key learning opportunities for both GSL and our customer to strengthen our partnership and improve how we work together.

Where we need to provide additional feedback to our customer, the Customer Care Manager or Customer Care Analyst will make contact. Alternatively, the results of a PER can be requested by contacting the GSL team.


Non-support Related Escalation

What is the process for a non-support related escalation?

All business standards observed throughout GSL aim to avoid the need for our customers to escalate their concerns. On occasion, we understand that you may feel that a concern is not being handled to your expectation. If your concern is not customer support related, you should make contact with the concerned department lead using the following details:

Department – Email – Phone

Support, Customer Care & Professional Services ops@grosvenorsystems.com +44 7917 634 773

Account Management sales@grosvenorsystems.com +44 7825 123 599

Finance & Legal finance@grosvenorsystems.com +44 7917 912 307

The department lead will endeavour to acknowledge your escalation within 8 working hours. If your escalation presents a potentially detrimental impact on your organisation, then we recommend using the phone numbers provided instead of email.

Will a PER (post escalation review) occur on escalations unrelated to customer support?

The GSL team take all escalations incredibly seriously. The same PER process will be followed regardless of the source of concern.

What should I do if I am dissatisfied with the way my escalation has been handled?

In the rare case of your escalation not receiving the level of care expected, we ask that you further escalate to our board. Our board of directors can be contacted either via email at board@grosvenorsystems.com or by phone on (+44) 020 7089 1400. If you choose to phone, you should ask for a call back from the board, and explain that you wish to escalate a concern.