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Founded in 2014 as a way of bringing the management of 55 Park Lane in-house, Mayfair Property Management looks after one of the most prestigious serviced apartments in London.

The building consists of 108 luxury apartments that combine the refinement and glamour of art deco, with the essence of home. With full concierge, 24/7 security and a maintenance team on-site, there’s a seamless combination of luxury & convenience.

"Propman’s biggest return on investment is the amount of time it’s saved. Its ease of use, storage of everything in one central place and integrated accounts, means it does everything we need and importantly ensures we’re compliant.”

Gary Crawford, Property Services Manager


Mayfair Property Management was set up by Gary Crawford, Mayfair’s Company Secretary and Property Services Manager. As a brand-new business with one employee, there were specific and important challenges that finding a property management system had to overcome, as Gary explains:

“When the property management was brought in-house, we were effectively starting from scratch so we knew we needed a dedicated system to manage everything in one central place.”

Mayfair Property Management defined three key areas that they needed the software to help with, as Gary explains:

  1. Easy to use – As I was the only operational staff member, it was extremely important that the system was quick, easy to understand and had a straight forward implementation proces
  2. Comprehensive accounting functionality – We wanted a system that could handle our annual service charge (which consists of several schedules), as well as the handling of our operating accounts to meet the requirements of our external auditors - this includes the processing of operating budgets, supplier costs, quarterly VAT returns, year-end reports etc.
  3. A company where we felt valued – I was aware that at the beginning I was going to be the only system user and I was conscious that I didn’t want to be treated like a number. I also knew that I would need first-class training and support to get me up and running, so it was important that I found a company who made me feel valued and would provide bespoke 1-2-1 training


After researching various property management systems in the spring of 2014, Gary approached three leading property management software companies.

“Despite reviewing other systems, it was clear that Grosvenor Systems offered both the system functionality and hands-on approach that I needed.

I received three or four recommendations from other Propman users, and from the beginning, I felt valued and supported by their team as they took the time to talk me through how we could get Propman to fit with my specific needs.”

Gary selected Propman as Mayfair’s chosen property management software and worked closely with Linda, Training & Support Director at Grosvenor Systems, to get the system set up and ready to go live on the 1st July 2014.

“The initial training took five days and Linda made a conscious effort to work closely with me to ensure everything was set up correctly. Her experience of software implementation and knowledge of both property management and accounting was exactly what I needed.”

Gary has now been using Propman for almost four years and with potential plans to add more properties to their portfolio, the system needs to be scalable.

“We’re now in a position where we’re looking into taking on more properties to manage, Propman’s flexibility means we’ll have no problems with the management as we scale the business.”

With the recent launch of a brand-new Web User Interface for Propman, users like Gary will now be able to access Propman from any internet connected device.

“The launch of the Web User Interface and transformation of Propman turning into a web-based product is something I’m really keen to look into. It would mean I can work flexibly and the new design’s focus on user experience is a huge tick.

Selecting Propman was definitely the right decision. It’s easy to use and set up, and it easily takes care of complex quarterly and half-yearly demands.

Propman’s biggest return on investment is the amount of time it’s saved. Its ease of use, storage of everything in one central place and integrated accounts, means it does everything we need and importantly ensures we’re compliant.”

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