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Peterson Associates Case Study

Petersen Associates are a commercial property management business who specialise in managing commercial estates and properties primarily in the logistics sector. 

“We have developed a great working relationship with the team”

John Ashman, Business Transformation


In recent years and accelerated through Covid-19, Petersen have gone through a period of growth. In order to maintain the same high level of service to their clients, they knew there was a need to maximise the efficiencies and scalability in their internal processes. To implement this, John Ashman was appointed to lead the Business Transformation programme.


Petersen Associates have been Propman users since 2012 mainly for the strong accounting functionality. Over the past couple of years, as Petersen refine their operating model, they have worked closely with the Grosvenor Systems team to expand their use of the system out to a range of property management functionality, with the desire to create a single source of truth in their business.

By using Propman as the single source on truth, the Petersen’s team can now

  • Run a tight ship with compliance

With many large, corporate clients, Petersen’s need to be hot on compliance throughout their whole business. By working with Propman’s key data functionality to create a single source of truth for property managers and accounting teams alike, they are able to run reports across their whole portfolio to enhance their use of data and strengthen risk management. 

  • Manage key dates effectively

Managing key dates is an important aspect of property management, yet when managed offline using non scalable processes, firms are left open to human error. Petersen has negated this risk by using Propman’s diary functionality to create a single source of truth to manage this process, and ensure they never miss a date. 

John and the team have developed a “great working relationship” with the GSL team, especially with the Customer Care team, and are excited to continue to streamline more operations, such as recent work to their purchase-to-pay process and contract management. 

The Petersen team are harnessing the power of automation across their business to drive efficiency savings and provide the highest level of service to their clients throughout a period of business growth. 


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