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6 Steps to Ensure a Seamless Property Management Software Migration

As your portfolio grows and your needs evolve, you may reach a point where your current property management software no longer delivers the impact your business requires. However, transitioning from one property management solution to another can take time and effort.

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Despite this, with the right tools and a clear plan, the migration process can be smoother than you might think.

Here, we'll outline the key steps in switching property management systems, ensuring your property management software migration is as seamless as possible.


1. Identify Your Pain Points

Before you search for a new property management solution, it's a good idea to identify the pain points you're experiencing with your current system.

Common issues include a need for more automation, security risks, minimal third-party app integration or low scalability support. Whatever your main problems, take note and look for a solution that best addresses these needs.


2. Research Your Options

Once you've identified the main pitfalls of your current system, you can begin researching potential property management solutions that can solve these issues.

Keep your specific needs in mind when looking for providers and make a list of potential candidates.


3. Choose the Right Partner

Once you've generated your list of potential solutions, determine which best suits your business. Consider factors such as customer support, pricing, ease of use, tailored implementation and any additional features relevant to your company.

Look for a provider with a proven track record of success with other businesses and transitioning clients from one system to another.


4. Prepare for Change

Once you've decided on the right property management system for your business, it's time to prepare your data for migration. Ensure your data is up-to-date and organised in a manner that the new system recognises. Your new property management software provider can inform you of the best way to prepare your data for transition.

High data accuracy will streamline the migration and improve the effectiveness of the overall transition.

There'll typically be a kick-off call with your new software provider, where they'll outline the steps during onboarding and what your business needs to do to ensure a seamless migration.

To maximise the benefits of your new system, your company should commit to learning and understanding the new software during the onboarding process. Doing so will prepare you to hit the ground running when the migration is complete.


5. Utilise the Tools Available

Before making the switch, you and your team must understand the new system to ensure a smooth transition. A successful implementation will likely begin with a full review of your processes by your new provider.

Take advantage of any extra services your chosen partner offers, such as dedicated account managers, implementation plans and training packages.

A suitable partner should implement the software around your needs and challenges while offering training before your company's migration. Training sessions can span a range of topics, including the features and functions of your new system and how to use them effectively.


6. Make the Switch

When the time comes to switch, preparing your company is essential. Schedule a time that works best for the business and ensure everyone knows when the switch will happen.

During the migration period, be prepared for scheduled downtime as your data is transferred between systems. It's also advisable to inform tenants and clients that a change is ongoing, explaining the benefits they can experience from the new system. Keeping clients up-to-date on any changes to their services avoids surprises when the changes occur.

Once the transition is complete, test the new system and inform your provider of any required adjustments. Monitor your data closely to ensure everything works as it should, and optimise the system to suit your business.

After the implementation, you're not alone. Your service provider should offer consistent support after migration to answer any questions and address any issues.


Your In-Depth Guide to Switching Software

Making the change from an existing property management software to another can seem daunting. There are many factors to consider, but upgrading your system can be worthwhile in the long run.

If you're in a position where you feel it might be time to switch software but are unsure of things to look out for, our guide can help.

The guide outlines the signs that it might be time to switch, the benefits of doing so and features to look out for in a new system. To access your free copy of the guide, click below.


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