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Introducing Our Two Biggest Developments

We’re excited to announce the release of our two biggest product developments to date, as we launch two exciting new web-based tools aimed at helping property managers to work more flexibly.

The launch of the new developments, Propman Survey App and the Propman Web User Interface, have been the culmination of three years’ worth of research and product development. As a result, the new developments will work in conjunction with the main Propman property management system and create a unique ‘toolkit’ of tech which property managers can use to streamline their processes and access data in real-time.

Both of these new developments have been developed following extensive Client input and reflect the changing demands that the modern-day property manager now faces.

Just like many areas in real estate, the growth of mobile devices and advances in technology are changing the way we work and property management software is no exception. Gone are the days where you can only work when you’re in the office, instead, there’s now the opportunity to complete tasks in real-time, the need to access data on the go and an opportunity to automate more processes. Both our new developments reflect these changes and can create significant savings in both time and money.

User feedback and input have been a core part of our software development process and we’ve focused on finding a seamless balance between user experience and comprehensive functionality. The new Web User Interface features intuitive navigation and a device responsive design which will mean property managers can access their portfolio data on any internet enabled device and provide a more seamless service to both clients and tenants.

The Propman Survey App also features the same level of detail in its design and means surveys can be completed on-site, in real-time, whilst also allowing the user to immediately upload the data back into  Propman. This reduces the need to duplicate or manually enter data, as well as automatically creating jobs/alerts of actions that need to be carried out.

It’s easy to get swept up in the latest technological advances and buzz around proptech, but we know that the most important part is the end-user of the technology. Our primary focus is to build close relationships with our clients, which in turn enables us to push the development boundaries and create innovative solutions based on their needs.

Our mission is to help overcome the inefficiencies of property development management software and we believe having one ‘toolkit’ of products which are built to talk to each can provide property managers with a seamless experience and importantly save a significant amount of time.

The Propman Survey App is available to Propman users on iOS and Android devices via the app stores.

The Web User Interface is available to all Propman Users via the X4.03 software update.

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