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The top three reports managing agents are running on Propman

Find out how our clients are using Propman reporting to streamline their business

 Developed for over 30 years, Propman covers an incredibly wide range of functionality for Block Managers. Propman combines a data management CRM with full accounting suite to ensure you get the most accurate reporting from your data. 
We are shining a spotlight  in our 10 minute webinar on the top three reports our managing agent clients are running on Propman so that you can get an idea of what we can do for your team.


1. Tenancy schedule

Undoubtedly the most popular report that our managing agents are running on Propman is the tenancy schedule report. Users are able to quickly produce tenancy reports at various levels of detail for their clients and for internal use.

  • Users can set a number of specific parameters each time they run the report, with multiple filters available to pick from
  • Propman users can select a specific client to run the report on, or include multiple clients
  • Users are able to dictate the information they want to include in the report, from rent to service charge, vacant units to expiry dates. Reports can also include notes and analysis from Propman
  • All reports can be exported directly into Word or Excel
  • Propman reports use working formulas within Excel,  so you can make changes directly in the spreadsheet before you send to clients
  • Data is automatically formatted in Excel based on type i.e. date, currency 

2. Tenant outstanding amounts

Propman produces a range of debtor reports from aged debts to collection reports. One of the most frequently used reports by our clients for arrears management is the tenant outstanding amounts report.

  • Users can set a time range and multiple criteria before running the report. Criteria can range from due date to minimum days overdue, minimum or maximum values to types of transactions or status
  • Various level of detail available in the report including notes or analysis from Propman
  • All reports can be exported directly into Word or Excel
  • Automatic sub-totaling within Excel for various levels of detail
  • Users can see the charge period information relates to and can view original outstanding vs current outstand as well as if invoices have been part payed 

3. Client statements

The Propman client statements produce a breakdown of income expenditure by tenant and supplier providing a detailed overview on the current position of their clients portfolio. 

  • Propman users can output copies of documents to be sent alongside client statements such as demands and receipts
  • Users can produce a report with any level of detail from property level to tenant and suppliers totals
  • Client statements will show the balance brought forward from previous statement
  • The report can also show you unpaid amounts by supplier on properties as well as rent, insurance, sundries, VAT and total on statement
  • Users will be able to see an overall expenditure type by client – i.e. repairs and maintenance, cleaning, rents
  • The client statements report will detail payments made to clients of accounts collected

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