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Call us now on (020) 7378 8358

Call us now on (020) 7378 8358


Who are Grosvenor Systems?

We’re a team of 30 experienced and skilled professionals. From our technically minded Developers to our customer centric Trainers, we’re all experts in our own fields with a wealth of industry experience. Many of us have previously worked in Property Management and Accounting, so we know first-hand the challenges that our Clients face. We were founded in the 1980s and nowadays we’re led by Nic, our Managing Director who joined Grosvenor Systems back in 1988.

Where are you based?

Our office is a 5 minute walk from London Bridge Station, providing great transport links to our Clients who are located across the UK.

Our Address is: Grosvenor Systems Limited, Unit A, 7 Leathermarket Street, London SE1 3FB


What products do you currently offer?

Our main product is Propman, our fully integrated property management and accounting software. We released the first version of Propman in 1991 and we’re proud to say we’ve recently developed version 14 (vX4). We’ve also developed Propman Online, a suite of online portals which work in conjunction with the main version of Propman and enable Users to access Propman on mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones.

What does Propman vX4 mean?

V stands for version and X4 stands for 14. So Propman vX4 is our 14th and most recent release of Propman.

Who can use Propman?

Our Clients consist of Block Managers, Managing Agents, Property Developers, Property Occupiers, Property Owners and Investors. Our Clients number over 230 and range from individual property managers to companies with more than 100 Propman Users. Visit our Case Study page to discover more about our Clients and how they use Propman.

What does non-modular mean?

Non-modular means you get all of the core software functionality without having to pay for additional parts which are often called ‘modules’. This is different to some other property management systems where the cost is based on how many modules you are using.

What’s Propman Online and how is it different from Propman?

Propman Online is our device responsive web-based applications. Propman Online works in conjunction with the main version of Propman to provide tenants, clients, suppliers and Propman User’s with real-time access to property and accounting information. It comes in four different forms:

Propman Online for Tenants – Fast and efficient means of communicating with tenants

Propman Online for Suppliers – Improve communications and how you manage supplier correspondence

Propman Online for Clients – It provides your Clients with real-time access to important property, maintenance and financial information

Propman Online for Propman Users- Ability to view and download useful client, property and tenant documentation when you’re out of the office

Do you offer free demos?

Yes! We like do things properly which is why the majority of our demos are done face to face, at your office and use real business data. This means the demo is completely tailored to your business and similar to your real life working scenarios/tasks as possible. It also means we get to know your business properly, so we can fully understand your needs, and you get to meet us, so you can understand how we work.

If meeting you isn’t feasible or you’d prefer to start with a simple overview, then we’ll be more than happy to set up a free online demo with one of our Team.

What training do you provide?

Every business is different so we tailor our training around your own business needs and offer you a package of training days that is most suitable to you.  All of our training is run by our experienced Training Team and is face to face in your own office or at our office if you prefer.

Some of our Clients choose to pay for extra training days as and when needed or opt for a bespoke training contract. We also run regular training seminars and webinars so all Propman Users have the opportunity to keep their knowledge topped up.

Are your software updates free?

Yes! All of our latest versions are free to all of our Clients as they’re included in the Annual Maintenance Charge.

Why don’t you show your prices on your website?

Our pricing structure is based per ‘User’ so in order to provide you with an accurate quote, we need to get to know your business, how you’d like to use Propman and how many people will be using the system. Contact us here for more information.


What do I do if I need help with a Propman task?

Don’t worry, our Support Team are on hand to answer any questions, talk you through processes and help you troubleshoot. Our Team are available 9.00-5.30pm Monday – Friday.

Simply call our direct Support Helpline on 0207 089 1410 or email support@grosvenorsystems.com

What is your Annual Strategy Group and do I need to attend?

Every year we run an Annual Strategy Group (ASG), it’s a chance for our Clients to feedback and shape the future of Propman. Many of our recent new functionalities have come directly from feedback received at our ASG so it’s a great opportunity to have your say on what you would like your property management software to do. The day is made up of small sessions, such as presentations and discussion groups, and we often announce big developments/new software releases too. There’s also plenty of opportunities to network with other leading industry peers and an opportunity to book one-to-one sessions with our Directors, Nic and Linda.

How can I stay up to date on the latest training, events and software updates?

For real time updates, we post about our training, software releases and general company news on our Twitter and LinkedIn pages.

Twitter – @propmansoftware
LinkedIn – Search ‘Grosvenor Systems’ or join our ‘Propman User’ LinkedIn group by emailing sales@grosvenorsystems.com and we will send you an invite.

We also regularly send out eNewsletters which include information on our upcoming training sessions, webinars and software updates.

Please email info@grosvenorsystems.com if you’d like to start receiving these.