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What does non-modular really mean for your business?

Here at Grosvenor Systems we often explain that Propman is a non-modular software system, which is a nice phrase to sum a few things up. We wanted to breakdown what choosing a non-modular system really means for your business.  

Fulfilling your clients needs

Marketplace demands are constantly changing and as a business you must stay agile in order to meet these. As a property manager, you regularly face a myriad of requirements which you might not be able to meet adequately because your existing system doesn’t have the functionality/module. A non-modular system removes the worry of not meeting unexpected requests in a quick and professional manner. 

Supporting diversifying portfolios 

When looking to diversify your portfolio one often overlooked aspect to consider is the time and cost required of finding a system to manage the wide range of requirements. For example, Bidwell’s Rural and Commercial teams use Propman to manage their different portfolios. Firstly, this means they don’t need to invest in another system and secondly it means the accounting team can work from one system to manage both teams. 

Say goodbye to unexpected future costs 

Adding extra modules often come at a premium that can be hard to justify to finance when in reality the benefits would felt by your team. Non-modular systems mean you don’t have to compromise between cost and functionality. 

Continuous system updates 

Another financial benefit of a non-modular system is the inclusive update format. When a new feature is deployed it becomes part of the standard product and as a customer you don’t pay extra for this functionality. Have a read through some of our most recent updates here

To summarize, a non-modular software system is one that will continue to support you throughout business growth without financial barriers. 

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