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Are you ready to see Propman in action?

Our demos illustrate how flexible reporting and fully-integrated accounting can maximise your property management capabilities.

Propman can take your business to the next level. Our demos show you how.

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Step 1: 

First, the presentation. Our team will illustrate how the software improves business processes, strengthening your relationship with tenants and clients.

Step 2: 

Then, your requirements. Our demos are tailored to fit your needs. You lead the call as you see fit to ensure you get the most out of your session.

Step 3:

Finally, our partnership. The demo will give you a full understanding of how a partnership between your business Grosvenor Systems and would look.

"The main benefit of Propman is the amount of time it’s saved us. It’s intuitive and the multi-client functionality has allowed us to easily complete complex tasks across multiple clients. It’s also provided peace of mind knowing we have the right technology in place to support our business growth and the firm foundations to enhance our level of service to clients."

Rob Coote, Head of Client Accounting Services


How long does a demo last?

Our demos typically last around 60 minutes depending on your needs. We'll tailor our demo around your company's requirements, so we'll stay around for as long as you need us.

Why choose Propman?

Propman has been developed for those who want to accelerate their businesses through growth and/or efficiency gains. Our users save time on day-to-day processing and analysis, whilst gaining the associated cost savings. This is because Propman takes care of all essential property management and accounting tasks, including automated arrears chasings, workflows and real-time task reminders.

Here at Grosvenor Systems, we continue to develop Propman to ensure it is future proof for your business and we have a dedicated account management, support and training team who are always on hand to help.

Who uses Propman?

Over 250 businesses currently use Propman. Users include property owners and investors, commercial managing agents, block managers and occupiers.

What can Propman do for me?

Propman is a comprehensive rental property management system that lets you manage leases and rentals, streamline maintenance tasks, strengthen relationships with tenants and residents, and stay in control of finances seamlessly.

A property management system interests me, but how do I know Propman is right?

The best way to know is by booking a demo by filling in our simple form at the top of the page. That way you can learn via an interactive session whether Propman is the right fit for your business.