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Call us now on (020) 7378 8358

Our Approach

At Grosvenor Systems, we adopt a consultative-led approach to implementation and training. Effective implementation begins with taking the time to fully understand the overall strategy and objectives of your business and we pride ourselves on our ability to understand your precise needs.

Our Property Management Software Training Process

The entire training process is planned in advance and each customer is assigned a dedicated Account Manager, who will work with you to understand your existing processes. Each business process is broken down on a task-by-task basis in order to determine how Propman can be used to simplify your business processes and streamline the way you work. This results in the creation of a new set of best practice business processes that enable you to reduce complexity and increase operational efficiency.

Software Training Sessions

Depending upon the size of the company, implementation and training is typically carried out on-site with very specific and quantifiable objectives including automating tasks, increasing visibility, and/or performing certain procedures with greater precision and control. Training groups usually consist of up to 6 to 7 users, but there is no limit to the number of client staff that can attend the implementation training sessions.

Internal Training

Actual administration of internal training to your departmental staff can be carried out by you (the Client) or by our specialist Trainers. The design of the programme ensures that your key staff are able to carry out their own internal training to their teams, if they so desire. Bespoke training documentation is available to help balance the effective management of business processes with the needs of the company.

Long term approach

Many of our Clients have been with us over 10 years and our long term focus ensures we develop software which addresses the changing landscape of property management.

We actively keep our Clients up to speed with changes, developments and new updates of our Propman Software and work alongside you to ensure that Propman continues to meet your business needs.

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