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Call us now on (020) 7378 8358

Property Management Software Installation

Once you have invested in Propman Software and Propman Online, our additional installation and implementation services help you get there quicker with less disruption to your business and less impact on your staff. Following a pre-installation checklist, we offer an installation service to install our software on your servers, together with the underlying property database and web services, as required. A comprehensive and bespoke installation document is then produced with a backup guide unique to the requirements of your installation.

Project Management

Project coordination is carried out as standard, as an integral part of the implementation and training process, to agree an implementation plan – and to ensure that it is adhered to. When it comes to managing the complexities of larger implementations, particular attention needs to be directed to planning, developing and delivering the solution. At Grosvenor Systems, a dedicated project manager(s) will work with you to structure a more formalised implementation plan. They will also work with you to manage and monitor the project with on-site/off-site meetings, as required.

Data Migration

We have developed a suite of data import utilities covering estate/property/lease/tenant/head lease/supplier and associated data records, plus tenant and supplier opening balances. These data import utilities can be used as part of the initial data migration and, subsequently, when adding additional records.
We provide consultancy to help customers perform a data mapping exercise to ensure that all data to be migrated, is done so successfully. This process includes confirming the availability of the data to be migrated; the mapping of existing data into the relevant Propman data fields; and determining any requirements for data manipulation.
We provide training on the use of the data import utilities so that customers can import the data in the form that is most convenient to their requirements. We also provide access to data import specialists who will perform the data manipulation and data import into Propman on your behalf.

Post-Implementation Services

We firmly believe in offering post-implementation care to ensure efficient and successful use of Propman after the initial implementation. Optional services include standard training courses, remote on-line training, on-site refresher training, on-site consultancy and review days.


Although Propman can be hosted on your own servers, whether in your office or in the cloud, we offer an optional hosted solution – giving you full access to Propman over the internet.

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