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Met Office

The Met Office provides weather and climate forecasts to the UK based on world-leading science and close working relationships with partner organisations around the globe.

As well as being behind the weather forecasts that feature on TV, online and on your phone, they also work with the UK armed forces, energy and retail sectors and commercial airlines.

To help provide such services, The Met Office maintains a network of meteorological monitoring stations around the UK which collect and record meteorological data. Their current estate is made up of approximately 500 meteorological monitoring stations, with the majority being small sites in remote locations, and approximately 17 weather radars. In addition to the operational observing
element of the estate, the Met Office also has a small number of offices and workshops around the UK, including their main headquarters in Exeter.

"Propman has improved processes within the Estate department and has helped improve efficiency. The ability to produce a range of user-defined reports has enabled us to swiftly extract a range of data on the estate in a much quicker and easier to read format than was previously possible in the same time frame. This has led to improved budgetary controls and improved strategic and scenario training across the estate.”

Chris Radford, Estate Manager
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Prior to implementing Propman, the Met Office used paper files and non-specialist databases to manage their property portfolio. They were looking for a comprehensive database which could easily maintain up to 100 different information types for each property. In addition to this, they needed flexible reporting functionality to ensure that they could create custom reports on their portfolio.


After reviewing a mixture of facilities management and property management systems, The Met Office selected  Propman as their property management software. Chris Radford, Estate Manager at the Met Office, explains why:

“Propman was selected over other software packages due to it being a non-modular, integrated property management and accounting system which enabled the storage of all property and accounting information in one place electronically. We also found the system very simple and easy to use.”

Since its implementation, Propman has helped the Met Office by increasing process efficiency and providing detailed insights about their estate that previously weren’t possible.

“Propman has improved processes within the Estate department and has helped improve efficiency. The ability to produce a range of user-defined reports has enabled us to swiftly extract a range of data on the estate in a much quicker and easier to read format than was previously possible in the same time frame. This has led to improved budgetary controls and improved strategic and scenario training across the estate. Propman suits the requirements of The Met Office very well, and enables the creation of bespoke analysis groups and keynotes to suit our specific requirements.”

One of the fundamental areas of successfully switching systems was receiving training that was bespoke to their unique processes and procedures. “ The training was specific to our requirements and we were able to split the sessions between those using the maintenance/job functionality and those using the tenancy/head lease functionality. The tailored training enabled us to understand the elements of the software that we would find most beneficial to our business that we would be using on a day to day basis. After-sales support and training has enabled a swift resolution of issues and any queries post installation.”

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